• Personal Inspection of Plants
  • Inspections by certified Engineers
  • Hassle-Free Delivery to Your Door
  • Metals, sub-assembly, plastics, and many other services


Chinese Forgings Door to Door: Forging for success

We offer competitive Aluminum forged products from various Chinese Forging manufacturers and suppliers. We also provide you with products such as Aluminum Casting, Aluminum Die Casting, Alloy Casting, Machining Parts, Plastic Extrusions and custom tooling. We can provide virtually any type of product you may need. We currently do products for several medium and large companies in different industries, ranging from forging and casting to motorcycle parts to large military vehicle engines components.

We currently supply all kinds of parts in all kinds of industries in all kinds of materials including Aluminum forgings and Aluminum castings, Zamac, magnesium, steel forgings, abs, nylon, jute, Safety Vest and more. We specialize in steel forgings, aluminum forgings and forgings of many other metals. We also provide custom tooling for castings and forgings to be exported from China with all certificates and approvals.

We are your Asian forging supplier. We have established strong relationships with many plants in China and are providing very high quality parts for many industries. Whether you need to have auto parts manufactured or safety vests for road crews we can get the job done for you.

You want to work with a company who provides the best service at the lowest markup so you don't have to spend your time chasing parts around the world. You want engineers inspecting the production process rather than salesmen.

You want to work with a company who does this well.